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Summertime Bass Fishing on Lake Martin

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Posted: 7/14/2008

Deborah Duck

          Summertime Bass fishing on Lake Martin is better than ever.  The key is to fish during the week or at night.  I'm finding early morning and later afternoons to be productive.  On the weekends, you can get up in a slough where the recreational activity is not so heavy.  The thing is, the fish are still there.  They don't just go away during the summer, and you can certainly catch them.  They are in "bunches" and they do school, no matter what you have heard!   When a mediocre angler catches a Bass, he just keeps moving.  When a real Bass fisherman catches a Bass, he continues to fish right where he is.  He fishes that area thoroughly before moving on.  

          Lake Martin is a very big lake, so there are lots of places where there are no Bass at any given time.  The key is to find them.  There are a lot of gadgets out there to help you locate fish.  But we are looking for Bass, and here are some old timer methods for finding Bass, how my daddy found them, and guess what . . . this still works!
          Look at the mouth of creek runs.  Look for any abnormal current flowing into the lake like a runoff after a hard rain.    Look for culverts or ditches where water is flowing into the lake.  Be sure to look for abrupt water changes.  If the water is real muddy in one area where a runoff is occurring, work the murky area between the clear water and the muddy water. 
          Bass are sure to congregate around cover.  Treetops, both above and below water level, are bound to produce good catches.   Anchor your boat and fish the treetops, going from one to the next.  Actually any kind of cover, particularly on the bottom this time of year, is a great place to find Bass.  It might be the pilings of an old dock or a bridge or a sunken car.  There are plenty to choose from in Lake Martin. 
          Watch for bait fish.  Bass will follow these schools of baitfish, especially shad.  It's particularly fun to see the shad on top when they churn up the water and watch for the Bass to put on a show.   You can surely catch a load of Bass when they are feeding on top.  But don't think there are not there if you don’t see them.  Many times they are running those shad on the lake bottom. 
          The key is to fish Lake Martin and find the areas the Bass come back to year after year at various seasons, and these too will become your favorite "holes".   You'll have those places named and you'll be itching to get out onto the lake at every opportunity.  You may have a GPS to mark your spot, but if not, you can do it the old timer way.  That still works too!  
          You can contact me by email at with your latest best fishing story or any hints you would like to pass along.  I would also love to get photos of your biggest catches.  Together we'll fish Lake Martin bringing in those big catches and telling even bigger stories!  Good Fishing!  ><> 


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